Winter's frigid temperatures and icy road conditions can be rough on a car and pose a danger to motorists.  The heat of summer can also have a major impact on your car's performance.  A well maintained vehicle is a critical component to help ensure a safe journey and should not be overlooked.  Experts recommend reviewing this checklist before hitting the road for that summer get away:

  • change your oil and filter

  • check the coolant and other fluids

  • test the battery

  • check the a/c

  • inspect tires and tire treads

  • check belts and hoses

  • replace wiper blades

  • inspect the brakes

Click on the links below to learn more about the importance of and how to properly maintain your vehicle.

Maintaining your car

Engine Performance



Hoses and belts

A/C and ventilation

Excerpts taken from "Car Care Guide" publishced by Car Care Council.  To access the entire guide, go to

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