While there are many factors that can contribute to crash and fatalities, human error is the constant variable that plays a part in the majority of crashes. 


We are faced with a complex challenge that requires a combination of efforts and actions. The evolution of advanced driver assistance technology has made great strides, but the problem we are facing today isn’t about the technology. It’s about behavior. It’s about the choices you and I make when driving and as passengers.

We know the facts and why so many are dying. We also know the evidence-based solutions that mitigate the risk of tragic crashes. But we can’t assume everyone else does. So what can we do?

So Let’s do This is not just about awareness.  It’s about actionable and achievable calls to action that will lead a specific group of people to do something they haven’t done before.

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month - October 2020

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Valentine’s Day isn't the only to send someone a loving message ... it can happen any day. 

Celebrate those special moments with a loving promise


Cars, trucks, buses, cyclists  use our roads


Pedestrians do too

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